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I love to share the newest and most interesting luxury travel experiences with my clients. So I invite you to stop by regularly to see what specials are available, unique experiences, and spine-tingling adventures are top on my list!

Spring Time, the perfect time to plan your Trips for 2018

A personal note from Ales! It’s almost Spring, at least here in Vancouver, Canada where I live! Did you know that this is the perfect time to plan and book your travel for 2018? Hotels are mostly still wide open … Continue reading

Ales’ Round the World Trip – Part 1

A personal note from Ales! As a travel agent, I like to meet the people who are taking care of our clients which is the reason why I spend about 3 months a year overseas, inspecting hotels, meeting with our … Continue reading

Sri Lanka: Undiscovered and Irresistible

A personal note from Ales! By many Sri Lanka is known for the great wind surfing, water skiing, scuba diving as well as other various kinds of water sports. There are also great opportunities for whale as well as dolphin … Continue reading

India: Incredible & Life Changing

A personal note from Ales! Having just spend 3 weeks traveling in India, mostly in Rajasthan, I would like to share some of my thoughts on the amazing journey I’ve had with my son Isaac. This is not the usual … Continue reading

Walking the Camino de Santiago in Style

A personal note from Ales! Have you always wanted to walk the Camino but are like me and need some of the creature comforts along the way? Then this itinerary is perfect for you! You’ll be able to walk the … Continue reading

Croatia: Intimate cruising in the Adriatic Sea

A personal note from Ales! Many of you know that I was born in the beautiful little country of Slovenia and while I grew up in Germany, we spend each summer at my grandmother’s place, near the town I was … Continue reading

India & Nepal: Walking in the Footsteps of the Lord Buddha

A personal note from Ales! This newsletter will be slightly longer than usual. I’d like to share an itinerary to the amazing countries of India and Nepal which will allow you to walk in the footsteps of Buddha, but before … Continue reading

Myanmar: A Journey Within

A personal note from Ales! Having written a couple of newsletters about the ‘off the beaten path’ country of Myanmar, I would like to share an itinerary which might be interesting to those of you who are looking for something … Continue reading

Germany: Off the Beaten Path in Europe

It seems that always the same countries in Europe receive all the love (France, Italy, UK etc.) while others are much more unassuming, waiting quietly to be discovered. One of these more reserved countries from my viewpoint is Germany, though … Continue reading

Ales’ Tip of the Month: Long Layover, No Problem

As another month is coming to an end, I wanted to send out one more tip which can be a real life saver when you encounter long layovers at airports on your way to and from your travel destination. Sometimes … Continue reading