Indonesia: A country for you to discover

Across the Pacific Ocean, north and south of the equator, in Southeast Asia, lies the world’s fourth most populous nation – Indonesia.

Indonesia is a country of fantastic cultural diversity. Made up of over 300 ethnic groups and 17,000 islands, this emerging nation offers a myriad of treats for adventurous travelers.

The jewel of Indonesia is the fabled island of Bali. For such a small island there is much to see and do. Bali is a magical place, full of secrets. The Balinese people are warm, welcoming and glad to share their Hindu traditions, culture and spirituality with visitors. The colorful dances, entrancing music and unique artwork of Bali are not to be missed.

We can create a custom itinerary which will take you to places off the beaten path and is rarely seen by visitors to Bali. How about a morning excursion to an elementary school where you’ll visit a classroom and deliver a gift of school supplies? On arrival to the village there’s also the chance of visiting a farmer in the fields and if you feel up for it you can participate in preparing farm implements and planting or cultivating rice using traditional methods.

While Bali is famous for its rituals and traditions, it’s by no means the only area of Indonesia with a fascinating culture.

Contact me and allow us to design an unforgettable journey for you to this magical islands.

May all your travels stir your soul and change your life forever – Ales.


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