Japan: Bullet Trains and Geisha

Japan: The very name brings forth images of Mount Fuji, the ‘Bullet Train’, delicious sushi, sumo, raked gravel gardens, scarlet temples and doll-like geisha. Japan is all these things and much more. Having visited Japan on numerous occasions I can say with confidence that it is culturally and geographically one of the most diverse countries I have been to.

The soaring mountains of the Japan Alps couldn’t be further removed from the flat densely populated shores of the eastern seaboard which is home to most of Japan’s 126 million people. The volcanic moon-like landscapes of Kyushu Island are a world away from Hokkaido’s lush green rolling hills and open pastures; a land where temperatures vary between -30 degrees in the depths of Hokkaido winter to +40 in the southern islands summer. Each region is unique and will provide you with a never ending list of things to see, experiences to be had and tastes to savour.

The geography is staggering. Ranging over 3,000 kilometres across more than 6,000 islands, Japan stretches from the northern tip of Hokkaido, where Siberian winds bring heavy snowfall, to the sub-tropical islands of Okinawa in the south. 75 percent of the land is mountainous and includes one tenth of the world’s active volcanoes.

Japan gives visitors some wonderful options to experience its long and rich history. Whether you decide to take a journey experiencing the entire country from North to South or choose some of Japan’s most thought after itineraries, you’ll be inspired by its culture, traditions and natural beauty.

The options for itineraries to visit Japan are endless and we will carefully design a journey around your expectations and dreams you might have exploring this amazing country.

Please contact me. It would be a great pleasure to present some of our favorite Japan itineraries to you.

May all your travels stir your soul and change your life forever – Ales.


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