Newsletter – June 2015: Traveling Off the Beaten Path

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Quite frequently I get requests for travel “Off the Beaten Path”, which I can very much relate to as to me it means to experience a destination in an authentic way and get an insider look of what life for people who live in that particular part of the world is like.

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I also often hear how it is more and more difficult to find places that are authentic and some of my own friends, who have traveled the world, make comments like “It’s not what it used to be like when we were here 20 years ago. There were no resorts and we were sleeping in straw huts. Those were the days.”

It seems that we often like what is in the past better than what we have now, maybe it really was better or maybe it’s just our beliefs and part of human nature to miss the things we experienced in days gone by.

Personally, I enjoy where we are now and while the world is becoming a smaller place, we as humans are evolving every day, this includes how people live all around the world.

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While we might consider what we experienced in a country like Thailand, Italy and Mexico 20 years ago as authentic, isn’t what we experience there today just as authentic?

The difference is that people have evolved, they are creating new experiences, manifesting different life styles and thinking different thoughts.

I find this quite fascinating because with this evolution we are now able to travel to places all around the world, stay in places we would have just dreamed of 20 years ago and have a whole new experience which might change our lives in a more profound way than ever before.

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When we look at hotels and resorts these days we will find amenities that are helping us to make our travel experience a better one. A great example are the amazing gyms and spas you’ll find in almost every good resort or hotel today.

You get a comfy bed, some hotels even have matrasses where you can select your ideal “sleeping number” and there is even such a thing as a “pillow menu”.

There are resorts exclusively geared towards becoming a better, healthier and maybe even more enlightened person. How great is that!

Having said all this I’d like to share about a resort which I recently had the pleasure of contacting and which is the perfect example of how resorts have evolved, even become the destination iteself and offer an unforgettable experience for the traveler.


This is a resort on what was once considered a sleepy island in the Bay of Thailand – Koh Samui.

The resort is the breathtaking Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort, a little piece of heaven, entirely created for you to experience a life-enriching and healthy holiday.

The accommodations are inspiring and you will find anything from cozy Hillside Rooms with amazing views over the ocean to luxurious Beach Front Villas and Penthouse Suites with private pools.


The programs range from Yoga classes to more in depth experiences to assist with Stress and Burnout, Weight Loss and exploring one’s inner life and emotional disposition.

You can even have a program entirely tailor made just for you or simply take part in any of the complimentary holistic activity scheduled throughout the day. It is entirely up to you how much or how little you would like to do.

A stay at the Kamalaya will inspire and most likely give you a whole new outlook on life.


Thailand has become quite popular over the last decade but it is a great example of how there are still many unique and most amazing “off the beaten path” places to visit in this country.

This is not only the case for this particular vacation spot but also for destinations like Bali and even European hot spots like Italy, France and Greece.


Having traveled all around the world and formed wonderful relationships with people in many different countries, I can always arrange that special experience for you, whether it’s visiting a little village off the beaten path in Bali and having lunch with the locals there or cooking an authentic meal in a private home outside of Florence, anything is possible.

In the end it is really about how we travel. I have been to some places in Asia, the South Pacific, Europe and other countries around the world on numerous occasions, yet every time I go back, I discover something new or just enjoy to see something or meet someone again from previous visits.

To finish this month’s newsletter I’d like to share a quote from Chris Gardner which I find very fitting:

“The World is your Oyster. It’s up to you to find the Pearls.”

Wishing everyone happy travels – Ales

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