The Mighty Amazon: An expedition to stir your soul

Here is a journey which not many have taken. An exclusive luxury river cruise on the world’s 2nd longest river – The mighty Amazon.


I remember how I found the Amazon always fascinating and mystical when learning about the world’s rivers in my geography classes, it still stirs up the longing for adventure and to go somewhere where no-one has gone before. It is one of the world’s last great unexplored regions and this small luxury river cruise gives you the opportunity to experience the Amazon up close.

The adventure starts in Iquitos, Peru where you will board one of two beautiful vessels belonging to Aqua Expeditions, the M/V Aqua and the M/V Aria. Both ships have been custom made for this particular experience and take travelers to the most remote areas of the Amazon.

The M/V Aqua has only 12 oversized suites providing each of the 24 guests with ultra comfortable accommodation. The newest vessel, the M/V Aria has 16 suites accommodating 32 passengers. Of course the ships are fully air conditioned and all the suites on the M/V Aqua are comparable to a 5-star hotel with private baths, luxury toiletries and fine linen bedding to lull you to sleep under the stars of the Amazon. Let’s not forget the delicious gourmet Peruvian cuisine served on crystal and china at dinner!

All suites have a movie-screen-sized picture window from where you can catch a new view every morning when you wake up. It’s like a streaming video as there is always something exciting to see – a graceful snowy egret, an Amazon kingfisher or a dugout canoe packed with bananas for the market. You can look in four different directions and see four different Kodak moments.

As you cruise along this mighty river you will discover different parts of the Amazon every day as you go out in skiffs to explore. The naturalist guides will help you to notice small details which might escape your eye. A bright blue butterfly the size of a dinner plate, neon orange orchids bloom in hidden places, a line of squirrel monkeys leap some 22 feet between limps. This truly is one of the last pristine places on earth.

There are 3 distinct itineraries, all of them beginning and ending in Iquitos, a city only reachable by air or river.
Itinerary # 1: The Amazon Expedition Cruise – 7 days
Itinerary # 2: The Amazon Explorer Cruise – 4 days
Itinerary # 3: The Amazon Discovery Cruise – 3 days

Each itinerary will take you to Peru’s Pacaya Samiria National Park, which is the size of Belgium, where you’ll experience bubble-gum-pink-colored dolphins gracefully swimming in their natural habitat. You’ll have the opportunity to fish for the sharp-toothed piranha – and catch some, and admire the six foot wide Victoria Regia water lilies burst into bloom at twilight. In addition you will have the opportunity to connect with the local villagers and gain a deeper understanding of the unique culture here. By special request we can even arrange to have a ceremony with a local shaman.

This river cruise is filled with “once in a life time days” and is also a wonderful add-on option after discovering the magnificent ruins of Macchu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

Please take a few minutes to watch the beautiful video below which will give you some fascinating views and insights of this small luxury river cruise. You will be so glad you did.

If you would like more information on this amazing experience, please contact me today! I’d be happy to chat about the different options available!

May all your travels stir your soul and change your life forever – Ales.


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