Small Ships, Canal & River Cruises

Small ships, barge, yacht, canal and river cruises are the fastest growing segment of the cruise industry right now! There is a good reason for this – they tend to be all-inclusive and more focused on culture, luxury and intimate experiences instead of crazy gambling nights, and crowded shopping ports.

There is a huge difference between cruising with 1000-4000 of your favorite friends and 20-400 people! The level of attention to detail, to your needs and interests is addictive – which is why once people take a river, canal, yacht or barge cruise they are hooked. Small ships can dock and cruise places a large ship can never get to. Pulling up to a medieval European city’s dock and walking right off the boat is a key benefit as well as cruising to secret coves and hidden fiords.

Some boats in this category are: AMA, Viking, Tauck, Avalon, Uniworld, Windstar, Lindblad, Star Clippers, Orion, Zegrahm, Compagnie les Iles Le Ponant, Voyages to Antiquity, and Seabourn. Most of your expedition ships are found in this category and are perfect for a journey focused on nature, archeology, history, culture, photography, birding and wildlife.

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