Outdoor Adventure Travel

A true Outdoor Adventure Travel experience is one that takes you way beyond what you know into the heart of the great mystery of our planet. To interact and connect deeply with different cultures and to traverse the land in a way that challenges the norm. Whether you hike, paddle, or bike around the world or sleep in a treetop, go glamping in the jungle or carve your way through pristine snows – we have the perfect experience for you!

Costa Rica: Adventurous and Stunning

If you are looking for a destination which offers the adventurous traveler an abundance of outdoor activities as well as resorts to enjoy pristine environments & quiet beaches – Costa Rica is a great choice. Visitors can fly through the … Continue reading

Cape Town: Off the beaten path in South Africa

I can’t believe another summer has gone and we are in the last 3 months of this year. Isaac and I returned from our two and a half months trip around the world 3 weeks ago and are still talking … Continue reading

Newsletter January 2016: A Great Year to Visit Southern Africa

A personal note from Ales! Have you always dreamed of visiting amazing South Africa? 2016 is a great year to make the trip of a life time to this fascinating country. One really good reason are the low airfares currently … Continue reading

Highlights of Southern Africa: A journey beyond imagination

Have you always dreamed of taking that once in a life time trip to Africa? Together with our favorite tour operator for this amazing continent, we are able to offer customized tours, individually designed for our clients. Whether it’s a … Continue reading

Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego: Untouched and Breathtaking

Chile is simply stunning. It has so much natural untouched awe-inspiring beauty – the itinerary options are endless. Whether you are visiting the picture perfect Lake District with its 100’s of lakes and lagoons or embark on an adventure through … Continue reading

Iceland: Geysers, spas and breathtaking scenery

2 years ago, when my son and I travelled to Europe, we included a 6 day stay in Iceland which is a destination often overlooked. Did you know that Iceland sits on two tectonic plates: the Euro-Asian and North American … Continue reading

Peru: A magical journey to the land of the Inca

Whether you are looking for an adventure just on your own, a journey with your loved one or a vacation for the entire family, Peru is a destination which has something that will inspire everyone. We have years of experience … Continue reading

Mashpi Lodge: Heaven in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador

If you are the type of person who craves exploring the rarely visited nooks and crannies of our planet – I have the perfect adventure for you! Everyday we lose more of our precious rainforest – land that is filled … Continue reading

Glamping: Glamorous Camping at it’s Best at Paws Up!

I admit it – I love glamping (short for “glamorous camping”)! I’ll also admit that I’m a bit of a princess and definitely love my creature comforts. That said, there is no better way to satisfy the desire to be … Continue reading