A Women’s Journey to Avalon & Sacred Britain

The quest for Avalon, the Lady of the Lake, Excalibur and the Holy Grail, have long been sought after by seers, magicians, kings and noble knights – it represents the classic story of the eternal journey for peace, restoration, balance and healing. These stories represent your journey, mine, and all of humanity’s to the heart of who we truly are. We invite you to journey with us May 23-31, 2013 and cross over the threshold of time as we open the curtain to Avalon and bring the darkness within into the light.

Chalice Well Travel for Women Sacred Britain

We live in a patriarchal world that is deeply suffering from the imbalance of the Goddess energies. Indeed, even His Holiness the Dalai Lama understood this when he shared with the crowd at the 2009 Peace Summit in Vancouver: “The world will be saved by the western woman.” It is with this knowledge that we embark upon our quest to embrace the power, grace and glory of our feminine energy and heal the old wounds that would take us out of our Divine light.

Stonehenge Women only travel Sacred Britain

Glastonbury has long been acknowledged as the location of the mystical land of Avalon and the burial site of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere; a place beyond the veil of human sight and one only those who have reached deep inside their soul can see. Ladies, if you’ve ever felt a connection with Camelot, Tintangel, the healing waters of the Chalice Well, or felt called to walk with the ancients at Stonehenge, this precious journey May 23-31 will speak to you.

“I dreamt of you in Glastonbury. You opened a curtain into Avalon, and lifted me in…”
~ from the novel “The Mists of Avalon”

Sacred Britain Solo womens travel London

This will be a very special one-of-kind tour taking place May 23-31, 2013. Joining trip leader Cameron Broughton – are local experts who will share the many secrets of these ancient lands hidden behind the veil of modern society. Together they will share and guide us through ceremony, prayer, and sacred circle time, into the heart and soul of these sacred places and into the mystery and magic of the Goddess within us all.

Avebury Womens retreat Sacred Britain

We’ll have private time at Stonehenge, visit Glastonbury, Bath, and Wells – and also share a private moonlight gathering at Chalice Well! Honoring our sacred feminine through communion, sisterhood, and celebration will be a highlight of this journey. Join us on this woman’s quest to illuminate our integrity, sovereignty and dignity.

Travel with an open heart & live boldly, Sheri

Ladies, longing to join us on this journey? Book now!

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