Australia’s Daintree National Park: The world’s oldest living tropical rainforest

Australia is a country of natural treasures and breathtaking scenery, making choices for an unforgettable journey to this continent endless. One destination within this vast country that is often overlooked is the Daintree Rainforest, 65 Million years older than the Amazon and the world’s oldest – imagine the stories it could tell.

Nestled in these pristine natural surroundings, yet only 90 minutes drive from Cairns International Airport, is the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa which I would highly recommend to add to your itinerary while traveling in Australia. The Daintree National Park was added to the World Heritage List in 1988 in recognition of its universal natural values.

The area is estimated to be 135 million years old and is the oldest living tropical rainforest on earth. It is one of the most diverse and beautiful examples of Mother Nature in the world, home to a large range of plants and animals, and all are found within the largest area of rainforest in Australia – an area spanning approximately 1200 square kilometers.

This World Heritage listed area contains the highest number of plant and animal species that are rare, or threatened with extinction, anywhere in the world. With approximately 430 species of birds living amongst the trees, there is 13 species that are found nowhere else in the world.

The Daintree Eco Lodge has only 15 tranquil rainforest “Bayans” nestled amongst the world’s oldest living rainforest, reinforcing the feeling of being “at one with nature”, yet still providing tall the creature comforts of a boutique retreat.

Wake to the gentle sounds of nature in your rainforest “tree house” and enjoy total pampering in the world renowned Daintree Wellness Spa. You will be taken into another world as you succumb to the pleasures of unique Aboriginal inspired massages and spa therapies bringing you in tune with the vibrations of the earth.

Discover the secluded pristine waterfall – a Kuku Yalanji sacred and special healing site. Breathe in the purest of air and dine in the enchanting Julaymba Restaurant & Aboriginal Art Gallery – innovative cuisine with a native twist.

The Aboriginal Culture is being well preserved and not compromised in the Lodge’s tourism operations. Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal Cultural guides will take you on activities that are based on interpretation, education and experiential learning, giving you authentic experiences you’ll remember forever.

Different packages are available for your stay at the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa and we’ll make sure to make arrangements for what will best fit your needs.

A stay at this magical place will make for the perfect ending of a journey through Australia.

Let us create your own customized itinerary, it’s what we love to do, making sure that every journey will be an unforgettable one. For more information on a journey Down Under, contact me today.

May all your travels stir your soul and change your life forever – Ales.


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