Voyages to Antiquity: Cruises to ancient civilizations

Combining the comfort of boutique-style cruising with the very best of cultural travel, Voyages to Antiquity is very unique to other cruise lines by offering an opportunity to explore the rich history and colorful culture of western civilization, as well as the Orient.

The meticulously planned itineraries, celebrated guest speakers, and included shore excursions will bring to life the fascinating history and awe-inspiring sites of the ancient world.

Voyages of Antiquity has created a cruise experience that is not only for the amateur or professional historian but also for people who simply want to understand the history, art, myths and culture of the ancient world. A Voyage to Antiquity cruise to the Mediterranean aims to open a window into the origins and genius of western civilization.

These journeys, however, are not only about history. As well as visiting breathtaking archaeological treasures you will also see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and experience the magnificent food of the Mediterranean and The Orient.


In contrast to the massive vessels cruising to and from the major ports of the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, Voyages of Antiquity has one mid-sized ship adapted for island and coastal cruising. This means that Aegean Odyssey can visit smaller, less crowded harbors and sail to closer the coast enabling you to really appreciate the magical views. The ship’s size also allows to navigate the great rivers of Southeast Asia and berth in the heart of Bangkok, Yangon (Rangoon) and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), rather than docking at a port hours away and having to be transferred into cities.

The Aegean Odyssey carries an average of 350 passengers and is ideal for those who dislike traveling with 1000s of people. If you like to avoid crowds, wander around beautiful islands, cruise remote inlets, visit charming villages and explore ancient sites that are inaccessible to others, then Aegean Odyssey is the ideal ship.


All voyages have been meticulously planned by the Voyages to Antiquity staff in conjunction with Lord Norwich and other noted historians. Combining the best of cruising and land tours is the ideal way to explore these fascinating sites and get the most from your chosen itinerary.

Shore excursions and pre- and post-cruise packages are included in all major ports where suitable, including the spectacular “Golden Triangle” tour in India and the overnight visit to the wonder of the temples of Angkor. In certain places additional visits are made available at a supplementary cost. In places such as Burma, where the trips to the exotic royal capital of Mandalay and the magnificent pagodas of Bagan are not included, Voyages of Antiquity has ensured that these wonderful excursions are offered at advantageous prices.

During all shore excursions, the expert guides will share their knowledge with the group using Quiet Vox. Through your individual headset, this remarkable device allows you to hear the tour leader clearly. Another major advantage is that wherever possible the ship is in port at night so that you have many free evenings to go ashore and explore or enjoy an after-dinner drink in a local café.


Accompanying you on every cruise will be lecturers and celebrated speakers. They have been carefully selected for their knowledge of the areas on the itinerary and their ability to bring the history of these remarkable civilizations and cultures to life. Their informative and enlightening talks will also charm and entertain you.

In addition to these speakers will be a team of young and keen classical history graduates. They will be on hand to answer your questions and assist the guides on sightseeing trips.

Itineraries for European journeys start at $ 4,250.00 per person for a 16 day adventure discovering the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea. In the winter time there are some amazing itineraries to India and the Far East with prices starting at $ 3,695.00 per person for a 17 day sojourn from Singapore to Burma. Remember that these prices include excursions and many other amenities you wouldn’t usually find on other cruise lines.

If you would like to find out more about the wonderful itineraries available with Voyages of Antiquity, please contact me today. It would be my great pleasure to introduce you to some exciting and enriching journeys.

May all your travels stir your soul and change your life forever – Ales.


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