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I love to share the newest and most interesting luxury travel experiences with my clients. So I invite you to stop by regularly to see what specials are available, unique experiences, and spine-tingling adventures are top on my list!

Newsletter – May 2015: An Inspiring & Enriching Journey to Bali, Indonesia

A personal note from Ales! Isaac, my son, and I just got back from 7 days on the beautiful island of Oahu. We had been there a few times previously but usually only for a couple of days before heading … Continue reading

Newsletter – April 5th: A Truly Italian Experience

A personal note from Ales! I very often get requests for an “off the beaten path” and “authentic” travel experience. Today’s travelers don’t want to just go to the usual tourist sites, they also want to feel that they are … Continue reading

Newsletter – March 7th: The benefits of using a Travel Consultant

A personal note from Ales! I first started working in the travel industry in Germany many years ago and one of the main income sources used to be selling airline tickets. It was very common to get commissions paid for … Continue reading

Newsletter – February 1st, 2015: Planning the perfect cruise to Alaska

A personal note from Ales! As we are welcoming the 2nd month of this year, it is time to start thinking about making travel plans for the summer. A destination that is a wonderful choice for the entire family and … Continue reading

Luxury Travel Newsletter – Special Edition: River Cruising Offer

A personal note from Ales! River cruising has become extremely popular in a very short time and with river cruise lines adding new ships almost every year, there are some great offers to be had, which is the reason for … Continue reading

New Adventures for a New Year

A personal note from Ales! First of all I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. May it be filled with Love, Joy and Abundance for each and everyone of you. At the same time I would … Continue reading

Private Villas for Transformational Retreats

When it comes to creating transformational retreats, the destination and accommodations are very important components of making it an inspiring and successful experience for everyone involved. Having participated at numerous wonderful retreats with Journeys of the Spirit, I have always … Continue reading

Are you over-preparing for your vacation?

Planning your vacation is part of the excitement of going on a journey but have you found yourself researching all the different options only to find that you were more confused after all the reading you’ve done than before? – … Continue reading

Are you struggling with booking air travel? Help is on the way.

A personal note from Ales! I still vividly remember when I was about 8 years old and boarded my first flight from Germany to what is now the beautiful small country of Slovenia to visit my grandmother. I was flying … Continue reading

New Zealand: Invigorating, Exciting and Delightfully Refreshing

Rising from the depths of the southwestern Pacific is a land that is blessed with some of the most varied and dramatic terrain in the world; from glaciers, fjords and beaches to mountains, meadows and rain forests – New Zealand. … Continue reading