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I love to share the newest and most interesting luxury travel experiences with my clients. So I invite you to stop by regularly to see what specials are available, unique experiences, and spine-tingling adventures are top on my list!

Myanmar: A Journey Within

A personal note from Ales! Having written a couple of newsletters about the ‘off the beaten path’ country of Myanmar, I would like to share an itinerary which might be interesting to those of you who are looking for something … Continue reading

Germany: Off the Beaten Path in Europe

It seems that always the same countries in Europe receive all the love (France, Italy, UK etc.) while others are much more unassuming, waiting quietly to be discovered. One of these more reserved countries from my viewpoint is Germany, though … Continue reading

Ales’ Tip of the Month: Long Layover, No Problem

As another month is coming to an end, I wanted to send out one more tip which can be a real life saver when you encounter long layovers at airports on your way to and from your travel destination. Sometimes … Continue reading

Newsletter April 2016: A Luxury Retreat in the Himalayas

A personal note from Ales! The majority of the trips I create for my clients usually include some of the popular sites as well as some customized and unique experience which range from volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Northern … Continue reading

Newsletter January 2016: A Great Year to Visit Southern Africa

A personal note from Ales! Have you always dreamed of visiting amazing South Africa? 2016 is a great year to make the trip of a life time to this fascinating country. One really good reason are the low airfares currently … Continue reading

Newsletter December 2015: Off the Beaten Path in South East Asia

A personal note from Ales! My son Isaac and I just got back from an exciting trip to Asia a couple of weeks ago. Most of our time was spend on the island of Bali as well as Singapore and … Continue reading

Newsletter October 2015: An inspiring Journey through India’s History & colorful Culture

A personal note from Ales! I always love sharing “real” itineraries which I created for my clients. In this month’s newsletter you’ll get to enjoy a trip to amazing India, a country I have vistied myself numerous times and which … Continue reading

Newsletter – August 2015: Vietnam, an Affordable and Luxurious Travel Experience

A personal note from Ales! Luxury Travel can mean different things to different people and it is still very possible to travel to amazing destinations, stay in great hotels and experience the trip of a lifetime without breaking your bank. … Continue reading

Newsletter – July 2015: A breathtaking and pristine experience in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

A personal note from Ales! While Costa Rica has been gaining in popularity as a travel destination, it is still a place I would consider where you can find some great off the beaten path places and experiences. In some … Continue reading

Newsletter – June 2015: Traveling Off the Beaten Path

Featured Article Quite frequently I get requests for travel “Off the Beaten Path”, which I can very much relate to as to me it means to experience a destination in an authentic way and get an insider look of what … Continue reading