Europe is a never-ending journey into a vast and rich history, awe-inspiring art and architecture, and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you wish to stroll through quaint streets in old German towns, sip an amazing cup of Cappuccino in a sidewalk cafe in Paris, fly to see the Parthenon in Rome, or take a train to the Swiss Alps, we will make sure your trip takes you everywhere you want to go, and guarantee you’ll fall in love.

Slovenia: Europe’s best kept secret

Take a little bit of Switzerland, some of the most scenic stretches of the Mediterranean Riviera, a few miles of the Danube and a touch of Venice — and you have Slovenia, one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. You might say … Continue reading

Avalon Waterways: A Journey unlike any other

Over the last few years river cruising has gained in popularity which also explains why some of the river cruise lines have been introducing new ships to discover some of the world’s most beautiful rivers. Compared to traditional cruising on … Continue reading

Iceland: Geysers, spas and breathtaking scenery

2 years ago, when my son and I travelled to Europe, we included a 6 day stay in Iceland which is a destination often overlooked. Did you know that Iceland sits on two tectonic plates: the Euro-Asian and North American … Continue reading

Luxury Villas and Apartments: A spacious alternative to your usual hotel room

More and more people are turning to vacation rentals rather than just staying in a hotel room. The advantages of renting an apartment or villa are many, especially if you are planning to spend more than a week at one … Continue reading

French Riviera: Enchanting Coast in Southern France

I have traveled throughout Europe and always like to create journeys that are unique and offer authentic experiences of the countries I am visiting. One of the most important aspects for me when traveling is that I take some time … Continue reading

Hurtigruten: A coastal voyage through Norway’s fjords

Hurtigruten is not a luxury cruise line per se but the journey is so extraordinary that it deserves a special place in our Luxury Cruise category. The 12 day return trip from Bergen to Kirkenes will take you to 34 … Continue reading

Croatia: Stunning coastlines and a rich history

When planning a trip to Europe most people typically think of countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Spain or Germany. But I would like to suggest a country that is still being discovered and has one of the most beautiful … Continue reading

The Orient Express: A Journey into Another World

A journey on the Orient Express between the great European cities is filled with Romance, excitement and pure pleasure. The adventures of celebrated historic personalities and famous figures are still palpable today, held in the original 1920s carriages with their … Continue reading

A Women’s Journey to Avalon & Sacred Britain

The quest for Avalon, the Lady of the Lake, Excalibur and the Holy Grail, have long been sought after by seers, magicians, kings and noble knights – it represents the classic story of the eternal journey for peace, restoration, balance … Continue reading

Christmas River cruising: Enchanting European towns and villages

Since I was born and have traveled throughout Europe, I can say with confidence that experiencing the castles, cathedrals and picturesque villages on a river cruise is one of the most enjoyable and hassle free ways to do so. On … Continue reading