Peru: A magical journey to the land of the Inca

Whether you are looking for an adventure just on your own, a journey with your loved one or a vacation for the entire family, Peru is a destination which has something that will inspire everyone. We have years of experience organizing trips to this amazing country and with every itinerary you will have your own guide for the entire time you are in Peru.

Here is one of my favorite Peru itineraries which is custom designed and can be changed to any of your specifications.

To make it as easy as possible for you all our customized itineraries in Peru include the domestic flights between Lima and Cuzco. After your arrival in Cuzco, capital of the Incan Empire located high in the Andes Mountains, you’ll be met by our Peruvian guide, who will be with for the entire trip, and board your private bus for a scenic drive to the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

For the first 3 days of your journey you’ll be staying at the beautiful and luxurious Hotel Rio Sagrado in Urubamba which will also give you time to adjust to the higher altitude. Set on the banks of the rushing Urubamba River, this beautiful Orient-Express hotel is built in natural materials to resemble an authentic Andean village.

During your 3 days in the Sacred Valley, you will experience the colorful market and ruins of Chinchero, which offer a wonderful opportunity to see some of the locally made handicrafts like wall hangings and pottery. Observe the traditionally dressed Campesinos coming to barter and sell their products at the market and become part of their daily lives. After exploring the ancient city of Chinchero, which was occupied by the Wari culture well before the Inca’s, you will be making your way to Moray, an Inca site just outside of the small town of Maras.

This will be a unique experience as this Inca site is off the usual tourist trail and most never get to see.
Throughout your stay in the Sacred Valley you will have the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the spirit and culture of this fascinating area.

The highlight of your journey will be your visit to Machu Picchu, the Lost City in the Clouds. While discovering this amazing site you will be staying at the only hotel located adjacent to this ancient Inca citadel. The Macchu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge.

You will visit the Seven Places of Power at Machu Picchu which is a high voltage magnetic focal point and legend has it that every invocation made at Machu Picchu is amplified to incalculable proportions. Merging your energies with this sacred site and deepening your understanding of the Inca mythology will be the focus for the 2 days you will have at this magical place.

Explore the Royal Tomb, the Funerary Rock, the Sacred Plaza, Condor Temple and the Intihuatana Stone (known as the “hitching post of the sun” and is a carved rock pillar whose four corners are oriented toward the four cardinal points. The Inca were accomplished astronomers, and used the angles of the pillar to predict the solstices).

Your last day of this unforgettable journey will be spend in Cuzco where you will be staying at the Hotel Monasterio, which was a former monastery and national monument dating from 1592. Cuzco was laid out on a grid plan to reproduce the shape of the Puma, the Inca’s sacred mountain animal. Here you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Temple of the Sun – “Coricancha”, the most important, religious complex of all the Incan Empire where your guide will take you deeper into the technological wonders of the Incan culture.

We’ll conclude your journey with a nice farewell dinner where you can look back to experiences and memories that will stay with you for a life time.

There also numerous options to extend your stay to spend more time in some of the areas or visit other parts of Peru like the mysterious Nazca Lines or the breathtaking Colca Canyon.

Please contact me if you would like to have more information on the different options, it would be such a great pleasure to create a journey just for you.

May all your travels stir your soul and change your life forever – Ales.


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